• Nine Months Later!
    Lanatics may be wondering what's going on in Loveland, since the band's last performance was in 2013. Truth is, since Lana and Rudi Protrudi became parents in 2015, they've been devoting most of their time to their beautiful little fuzz & love monster, Twila! Lana will continue Mom duty for awhile longer, but her new single "Strange Charms" is finally available on all popular digital platforms since december 2017! The vinyl might be released in summer 2018!

    Return to Fuzzland!
    Since early 2015 Lana was not able to perform with the Fuzztones due to being pregnant. Now that her daughter Twila May Protrudi is pushing three years it looks promising that she will rejoin the band for their upcoming tour in spring 2018! The sponsor of the future Lana Loveland Concerts is elitemailorderbrides.com website. "Yes, they are our sponsors, as evidenced by the logos on the posters. Any show is very expensive because the costs are high," the singer states. From 2015, the band performed without Lana due to her pregnancy for about three years. When Lana’s daughter Twila turned three years old, the singer decided to get back to the scene. Lana Loveland started to perform more often after finding a new sponsor. 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    Twila Zone!
    It's true! Lana will become mother in October 2015! And she is enjoying her time off from the hectic tour-life and all other things that come with it! Impatiently awaiting the arrival of her daughter Twila May! In the meantime, Daddy Protrudi has assembled a new line-up for the Fuzztones, for more info check www.fuzztones.net

    German Rock Scene - The Clash Of Ages!
    Loveland's song "Mission Illusions" has been released on Bellaphon's Compilation "German Rock Scene" in December 2016. It's a double vinyl album and sports bands such as Nektar, Kadavar, Krokodil, Epsilon and so on.
    More info!

    Recording EP
    Loveland will be in the studio february 23rd and 24th for the new EP. The new acid-drop-ick songs shall be released during summertime on Lana's very own label!
    Loveland Shows in Germany!
    15.02.13 - Nürnberg - Club Stereo
    16.02.13 - Stuttgart - Goldmarks
    22.02.13 - Berlin - Urban Spree
    Show at Berlin's FASHION WEEK!
    Loveland is gonna play for Bread & Butter at Berlin's FASHION WEEK. Location: Luna Park. Show starts at 6:30 pm!
    60 minutes of Psychotropic Feline Freakiness!
    out on Bellaphon/Bacillus Records
    Finally, the new album is now also available on CD & Download and includes three Bonus Live Tracks from Loveland's last tour in Italy. You can find the album in stores, but also via Amazon.de and more. The hot wax on Groovie Records ist still available via mailorder: www.groovierecords.com
    CD of the week on YOU FM
    Loveland's CD 'ORDER TO LOVE' is CD of the week on YOU FM Frankfurt. The station will play two songs a day. More info here: YOU FM Frankfurt
    The Hopped-Up Hellcats from Hell will be on tour this April/May in Spain, France & Greece! Don't miss their show, cause once again they're gonna be cookin' up and dishing out all their classics! Tourdates here THE FUZZTONES
    BACILLUS RECORDS (Bellaphon)
    "Order To Love" will soon be available on Bacillus Records (distributed by Bellaphon). Release Date: 25.5. 2012. The release will be followed by a short tour in June: Germany + Italy. Check the Homepage!
    Lana has just finished writing two new killer songs for an upcoming LOVELAND album. Earliest Release Date: spring 2013!
    For the first time LOVELAND will be on tour together with the legendary FUZZTONES. LOVELAND will be opening the shows. Check out the TOURDATES on the HOMEPAGE. Ticketinfo coming soon!
    Write to and order your vinyl or a Loveland shirt. Shirts are available in black, white and yellow with a white, black and red heart. Check design here: photo
    FUZZTONES shows in June!
    The Fuzztones will soon rock Germany!

    10.6. Stuttgart - 1210
    11.6. Bochum - Zwischenfall
    12.6. Frankfurt - Ponyhof
    13.6. Bremen - Lila Eule

    ORDER TO LOVE out on Groovie Records!
    Loveland's Album ORDER TO LOVE has just been released on GROOVIE RECORDS. Garage Psych at it's best! http://www.groovierecords.com/home.htm
    TOUR in Spain!
    EL BEASTO from A Coruna is booking a tour in Spain for April 2011.

    for updated tourdates:
    Butterfly Records from Barcelona has released Loveland's first single "Black Glove" in March 2010. The single is sold out but still available through mailorder, such as CLEARSPOT
    Lana just got back from THE FUZZTONES tour!
    The last Fuzztones tour (Oct-Dec 2010) went for 10 weeks all over Europe! They rocked every city and promoted their new album PREACHING TO THE PERVERTED. They also celebrated 30 years of FUZZTONES. Have a listen to their new album here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rv5bH9RwNjM

    Lana is a musician, singer & songwriter from Berlin. Together with Lenny Svilar on guitar they formed their first band Cox Orange in 1995. With Lyricist Marcin Zastrozny they wrote songs in the style of the music from the 60s. (Most of them you can hear on "Order To Love" by LOVELAND). In 2001 she moved to California. Soon after her arrival she was asked to play with the Bonniwell Music Machine, her longtime favorite group from the 60's. One year later she was asked by Rudi Protrudi to join The Fuzztones. Since 2005 she has been touring with them through Europe. She has recorded with the Fuzztones two albums (Horny As Hell/2008 and Preaching To The Perverted/2011) and played organ on several other sideprojects. In 2009 she has also performed with The Fuzztones for german TV show ROCKPALAST. In 2010 she recorded her new album ORDER TO LOVE with Lenny Svilar on guitar, Rudi Protrudi on bass, and Alex Tenas on drums. It was released on GROOVIE RECORDS, February 2011. Butterfly Records has released Loveland's first single "Black Glove" March 2010. In 2011, a spring tour in Spain followed, later that year tours in Germany, Italy, and the UK. ORDER TO LOVE will be released on CD, May 25th 2012, on Bacillus Records (distr. Bellaphon).

    Lana has produced 3 records:

    The Fuzztones Horny As Hell (2008) Co-production
    The Fuzztones Preaching To The Perverted (2011) Co-production
    Loveland Order To Love (2011)

    scroll down for REVIEWS of ORDER TO LOVE!


    I'm tickled and beyond pleased with "Black Glove"
    - SEAN BONNIWELL from The Bonniwell Music Machine

    Some reviews in german:

    LG Szene
    The Pit
    Burn Your Ears

    Die FUZZTONES haben ja mit ihrem neuesten Werk endlich wieder international für Furore gesorgt. Lana Satana Loveland, die seit einigen Jahren nun bei den aktuellen FUZZTONES die Vox-Tasten drückt, hat nun ihre eigene Band zusammengestellt. Die überschneidet sich personell ziemlich mit den ’Tones, ihr Bruder Lenny Svilar spielt bei beiden Bands Gitarre, und Dirty Old Rudi Protrudi, übernimmt die Bassgitarre. Mit "Black glove", einer Ode an Sean Bonniwell's MUSIC MACHINE, gab es unlängst erst die Debüt-Single auf dem spanischen Butterfly-Label, nun ist endlich die Langspielplatte erhältlich. Und die ist, trotz einiger Parallelen zum altbewährten Fuzz-Sound erstaunlich eigenständig. Noch psychedelischer klingt hier einiges, die Gitarrenarbeit ist bisweilen sehr spacig, die Songs haben genug Freiräume für ausschweifende Solo-Sequenzen, aber auch genügend Groove. Mit LOVELAND liegt die Band viel näher am Westcoast-Psych-Sound der STRAWBERRY ALARM CLOCK und DOORS, und Lanas Stimme klingt bisweilen ziemlich ähnlich wie die der jungen Grace Slick (GREAT SOCIETY, JEFFERSON AIRPLANE). Eine schöne Neo-Sixties-Psych-Platte mit leichten Räucherstäbchen-Tendenzen ist Order To Love jedenfalls, das Spin-Off-Projekt braucht sich dabei hinter der "Hauptband" in keiner Weise zu verstecken.
    - Gereon Helmer - OX Magazine Nov 2011

    Both songs on this 7" are well written, incredibly catchy and already among the best songs to be released this year!

    Lana has a pedigree in the genre. Prior to the Fuzztones, she handled organ duties for Sean Bonniwell's band...ORDER TO LOVE is full of verve and spirit. "Black Glove" would be right at home at a mid-60s Los Angeles go-go club... There’s a complexity, a willingness to explore, on the Order to Love songs that suggests Loveland has a lot on her musical mind...Loveland pushes the boundaries of the garage rock genre much further ...
    -BILL KOPP for Musoscribe

    full review: http://blog.billkopp.com/?tag=lana-loveland

    In conclusion, the album takes us on a pleasant journey through the various facets of sixties garage rather still facing a pop psychedelic VOX keyboards and FUZZ guitars! We expected no less from Ms. Protrudi!
    - Music Industry from FRANCE

    Die entzückende Keyboarderin der Fuzztones mit ihrem Debütlongplayer auf dem sie zeigt, dass sie nicht nur gut im Tastendrücken und Aussehen ist, sondern auch ein gutes Gefühl für schmissiges Songwriting und eine herzerweichende Stimme!
    - FLIGHT 13

    Lana pulls off a very difficult work that only a handful of Garage Psych revival bands will even bother with by writing songs that go beyond mere cult of vintage melodies. Is debut album "Order To Love", on Groovie Records is more than the collection of hooky singles... It's a real album...These songs are part of a surprisingly good argument for screwing the idea of the Garage as a way to always be an emotional realness... Lana Loveland can write the kind of catchy, super concentrated psych garage that could leave everybody asking why they were not able to do this.Get this album, learn all the lyrics of all the songs, and then go to the streets and spread the words, peace, love and Loveland.
    -Fransisco from ROCKAROUNDTHEBLOG

    full review: http://www.rockaroundtheblog.com

    ...'Missing Illusions' on initial listens is carved with a purring primitive psych pageantry that nods to the acid glazed hallucinogenic mirages one time the keystone to Jefferson Airplane's sound though here sprinkled with the mind weaving montages of a youthful Curved Air. That said admirers of all things Pebbles, Nuggets and wigged out 60's west coast vibes will be suitably satiated by the woozy lysergic Hammond kookiness of 'Black Glove' wherein Ms Loveland concocts a delirious brew of honey tipped shimmer pop piped through with oodles of sassy psychotropic feline freakiness. Consider yourselves warned!

  • Loveland's single "Strange Charms" can be downloaded from all popular digital platforms as of Dec. 2017! The 7" will be released in summer 2018. NEW ALBUM WILL BE SOON!